Ge'Le Day 2017...

Greetings family!

Oh what a fabulous day this was today on Mama Donna & Zi'Joy's Adventures we celebrated by the Chicago Lakefront. The wrap your beauty movement known as Ge'Le Day. So you may ask what is this day what is Ge'Le? Well it is a head wrap that is worn by women on the Continent African and/or African American descent. Although head wraps can really be found around the world and in Africa it is called the Ge'Le.

I have posted before about a special day this to me. Without going too deep I've been attending for 4 years. The Creator Pilar has been having this beautiful ceremony of movement for the past 6 years this is my fifth year attending. This is Zi'Joy's first but not her last. It was such a joy and a beautiful day out. At first we had heavy rains in Chicago the sky was overcast and was hot and humid. But then as if the universe heard us it cleared the ground was dry and it was a beautiful day sitting under the trees.

This time going out I certainly did look like the Luvs commercial but I took my little Zi'Joy with me. I took so much stuff because we were literally outside from 9:30 in the morning until about 5:30 in afternoon evening. I must say Zi'Joy was just that, an excellent Joy. She slept she rested she drink plenty of milk and Pedialyte and she was just fab. What I'll do is I'll add more pictures when they become available because of course I can't take pictures for everything but it was some beautiful moments that I would like to share with you all so check back and I'll add more pictures as soon as they become available.

I've included a link to explain fully what Ge'Le day is. For me it's a very personal Journey one of a tradition history and one I want to my daughter to know.
Essentially it is a celebration of life and it's a celebration of family it is a celebration of women it is just a celebration bringing all of us together and to wrap our Beauty which is our crowning Glory which is our hair. I love pictures so hopefully I won't go too overboard and bore you all. My whole outfit was thrifted my daughter's outfit was purchased for a very nominal price. But it makes a great impact I did have her head wrapped but it was very hot it was 87 degrees out but it felt hotter but the breeze was turning off the lake and made a beautiful day so she wore her sun hat. I hope you enjoy our looks/

My Fit was was pants and a bikini top but Mama Donna is not wearing a bikini top so I put a swimsuit underneath it a swimsuit top and a swimsuit skirted bottom underneath the pants and that gave me the look that I was going after conservative yet sexy mama. I'm still me after baby. I think sometimes moms lose a sense of themselves when they have their baby. My Z'joy as to the fullness of my life.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures the reading or both. As always all are welcome. Lurker(s) commenters or just stop by to say hi.

The WRAP your beYOUty Movement & The African LIFE present Gele Day 2017: Mu Kawo Tare! (We Bring Together!) on July 22, 2017! we begin with libation/prayer and headwrap tutorials by Sisters from Nigeria, Ghana, The West Indies and America.

What is Gele Day.


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My Love of the Wrap passed on...

An interesting discussion took place recently about cultural appropriation. It was a great dialogue what is considered cultural appropriation vs. Cultural appreciation. This dialogue led me to a very emotional place. I think since having my daughter I've begun to think more and more of the history of my people.

As African American woman where does our Beauty and strength lay. If Africans were not taken from Africa where would our trajectory be by now. History has often been a brutal Taskmaster who robbed the African American of our identity and history. When you know where you come from and who you came from it gives you a sense of self. It gives you a sense of power it gives you a sense of owning your own Beauty. At least in my eyes.

Because of this discussion it led me to thinking of a tradition that was passed down too many African American women of unashamedly loving our natural hair. Of wrapping our Beauty which is often referred to as crowns or our crowning Glory. Not only is this fashion this is who I am. As an African American woman who's story and Journey did not just begin with slavery that is not where I choose to start from. But as we cannot Trace our history back to Africa we have to establish our own traditions and our own norms. Based upon that truth which is my truth I choose to pass my truth and my tradition on to my daughter.

This is Who We Are this is how I choose to raise her this is our Beauty this is our fashion this is our tradition. This Is Us!


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A funeral, a Fleek Market & a Fair

Greetings family!

Time flies when you have baby. I keep wondering to myself where does all the time go. If I didn't take pictures I probably wouldn't remember half the things that I did. I mean I do sit and rest but it's nice to get out of the house. In the Chi we take full advantage of the summer. In other words we gets it in for real.

So I had to attend a funeral this past weekend I must say that I really hate funerals. Maybe hate is a strong word I really dislike them. This one was 3 hours and some change. I didn't get a picture of my outfit but it was summer appropriate I think I'll recreate it for church on Sunday. I did do a quick change so this is what I wore.

I have mentioned the Fleek Market before. Basic explanation is that it's a flea market on steroids. It's one of the most happening events to me in our thrifting group I belong to. Just so happened to be right down the street from the funeral. After I paid my respects it was time to enjoy the day. So me and baby nugget and my sister and my niece got out into creation and enjoyed the fresh air. It was so beautiful not too hot not too cold but a nice little breeze blowing great friends great music and course great Thrifty deals.

As always baby seems to be center of attention which I did not mind at all. I was really casual the denim leggings I actually wore to the funeral but I kept them on changed into some tennis shoes and wore this pretty pink and white flowy top dress tunic thingy. Now for my head wrap it was actually the dress I wore last week I just took it a wrapped around my head. I just love great head wraps especially for summer I love brights as you all can see I love patterns and this was perfect for the day.

Baby nugget on the other hand is just a beautiful bundle of happy happy joy joy. She went all casual and cool and of course without Sox or shoes because let's face it she does not like them. On this day she didn't do an outfit change but baby girl wore this pretty Aqua dress onesie thing and of course her pretty little onesie her sun hat had hearts and hot pink. Dresses seem to be the running theme in her wardrobe I don't mind it cuz they're so cute. We have all types of onesies but, baby is growing so fast. She's three months now but she's wearing like 6 to 9 month clothing my little chunky baby.

Picture 6 through 11 are from a book fair Festival on Sunday so many artists and authors and music. We're going to call this selfie Sunday because well it's hard asking people to take pictures of your outfit anyway it was a nice outfit and I'll get pictures one day. But of course a head wrap was in the order. I'm getting a little bit tired of my Afro but I don't want to cut it so we do head wraps. Baby girl just had an absolutely happy time this is bet happy face. I'm enjoying her so much she just puts a smile on my face. The apples were from a garden that was dedicated to Michelle Obama and they were selling them for $0.25 a piece and I love this artist mural of Kanye West not a big fan but the mural was really awesome. And last but not least a picture in selfie Sunday of us in front of our new church home. we finally found ourselves a church home. I've been with the same church for 15 years but it was time to move on this is our sister Church and just took a quick selfie to snap our joy and to remember the moment.

As usual all are welcome commenters lurkers or just say hi. I hope you have a great week and I'll check in when I can.


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Saturday in the Park...

Hello Family!

So another beautiful week is passed us by. The summer is in full swing here in the Chi. Saturday here was so perfect the weather Cool Breeze sunny just a beautiful day. It reminded me of that song "Saturday in the Park I think it was the Fourth of July." Only it was the 8th of July. Of course the song is by one of my favorite groups Chicago.

Anywho Zion'Joy and I were able to get out and experience what summer is like in the Chi. So this was our first day really out being out all day about 6 Plus hours from afternoon to early evening. Baby girl did just fine of course like a new mom I was worried. There really wasn't any need to worry. I over-packed, like that commercial that says first baby you have everything and goes off and  leaves the baby in the house. Then when she gets to her second baby she's Old Pro. New moms huh?

So Facebook has this wonderful group called over 40 and Pregnant and raising babies. It's one of the best groups out there all I said I needed some help and some of the more experienced moms gave me help of a list of things to pack which was great and I don't have to worry about anything. I packed it all in one big bag and off we went. Zion Joy was as her name reflects Joy she slept she rested she enjoyed the music it was just all around a good day. Music food family friends and good times.

So these are outfits very simple but it's always impactful. My Fit consisted of a beautiful dashiki print dress a green head wrap tennis shoes because I have yet to buy sandals for the new sizing of my feet. As always my sunnies and my long leather earrings which I will have to put up until baby is old enough. Of course she tried to pull them and pull them but we worked it out and they look good so I had to go for it. Zi"joy had on this beautiful onesie the arms were a flutter sleeve it was like a short thing so very cute with polka dots green polka dots and of course we had other onesies for her but just very very lovely. Again this kid's wardrobe is amazing thrifted.

As usual, all are welcome and I hope this post finds you all well.

Humming to myself the song by Chicago

Saturday in the park,
I think it was the Fourth of July
Saturday in the park,
I think it was the Fourth of July

People dancing, people laughing
A man selling ice cream
Singing Italian songs
Everybody is another
Can you dig it (yes, I can)
And I've been waiting such a long time
For Saturday...


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@ 1st Blush...

Hey Family!

Well, here we are on another beautiful day it was in the 90s in the Chi. I wanted to dress for both comfort and beauty. Baby Zi'Joy turned 3 months old this past Sunday. We sang the Stevie Wonder version of happy birthday to her.

This was our looks for church and Her birthday. I wore this fabulous thrifted new with tags blush skirt. Oh it is so pretty and airy. It's the closest I'll come to an adult tutu. I wore my afro lady studded t-shirt a mesh belt a pair of my favorite summer canvas Ghillie shoes. Arnt they pretty? I just love them. Simple button earrings and a jade and copper ring.

Zi'Joy went all out for her birthday. With a grey tutu skirt with flecks of glitter in it. A new princess in town pink onseie and pink and white socks. She does not like her shoes just yet so we are waiting to wear those out. Her sun hat was a mix if greys pinks and whites. So very pretty.

This weekend we learned about texture smell and feel. Sensory touch of different things. It's so much fun seeing the world through her eyes. I feel a bit less jaded. After 10 years in the Army it can really change a perspective. Going back to work was such a challenge but i got through it. Thankfully.

I must say i enjoy reading your adventures in this fashion journey. Popping in and out commenting when I can.

As always thank you for reading,commenting , or lurking.


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Maternity leave is over: It's the Eye of the Tiger...

Well know i know what you are saying. Well Le Donna Has it all wrong. She and baby nugget are wearing leopard print. Hahaha You would be correct. But our Pandora station is playing Eye of the Tiger and now The Lion Sleeps tonight.
Both for me songs of motivation.

I know you are asking. Le Donna why do you and baby need motivation. Well it's because my maternity leave ends today sunday night. After almost 3 months of leave. A journey to baby nugget of almost a year. My life at 43 has profoundly been changed. I thank each and every single one of you who has been on this journey with me.

If you have looked at pictures, left a comment or just lurked. Thank you for adding to the tapestry of my journey now, our journey. You have helped me to navigate more than just this fashion journey. Time will be more precious as I return to work but I promise to read and when I can to comment.

Thank you Angie And my fellow fashion mavens for ER'THANG.

Now on to our what we wore.

Who does not like a great print? Oh my goodness. I was gonna go full on print for the both of us but my sister pulled me back from the fashion victim edge. Cause GRRRRR BABY!!!!!!.

While I sported a wideleg pinstripe pant and kente cloth heart shaped earings and denim loafers. Baby Zi'Joy wore denim leggings and a colorful hat and socks.

Our day was filled with adventure on this Sunday. My Auntie's took Zi'Joy & me out to brunch after church. I visited one of our Thrift group buddies Sassy Thrifters. I purchased this beautiful decorated water canister. Just the return gift I need to take on the work force. We also did our 1st trip to the supermarket

Well Zi'Joy was a perfect baby going out in the differnt environments. I'm so proud of her. She is fearless. I hope to nuture that and watch her grow into the fullness of the woman GOD has her to be.

As always all are welcome. There is a butt load of pictures to follow. Cause we love pictures.


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What we Wore...

In Living Color

This is what Ive been working on lately. Colorization of past what we wore fits. Im currently workin On putting a baby book together. I have 100s of pictures. Lucky enough I have a pictoral history in numeric order.

Last year this time I was going around the Chi taking pictures of murals. This time around Baby Nugget & I are the Visual Imagery. I've included some of my favorites. I would love to know what you all think.

Thanks in advance.


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Let's Go...

To Church

This was our look for sunday. It was about 98 in the shade. So I wanted us in Easy Breezy fits.

My fit consisted of a denim brown jacket denim handkerchief top lightweight lime green pants that are very flowy. Denim slip on shoes brown headwrap and some handmade leather earrings.

Zi'Joy is wearin a onzie dress thingy. I really want her wadrobe. It consist of a pink zebra pattern a cute sunhat with a brifht yellow sunflower. I have a flower matching the colors of Baby nugget's fit.

We had a great sunday and the last pictue is one that my neice took in my lounge room. I thought it was nice and included it.

As always all commemts event critiques for clothing are welcome or just say hi.


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Saturday in the park...

Greetings Family!

I just love that song of the same name.

Saturday in the Chi. was such a lovely day. After running a few errands we decided to take a walk in our local park.

So I've been struggling for a few months with what to carry Zi'Joy in. So much so I stuck with the car seat until last week. There are so many choices that it can get confusing.

So I was given this colorful Moby Wrap. It just so happened that i purchased one from the local store the day before. Ha I'm just glad i kept the receipt. Anyway this one is much more colorful and my style.

I'm still kinda trying to figure out how to wear it and with what clothing. I just decided to wear a simple jumpsuit snd headweap. I love the blues and greens in this fit and also the patter micing going on.

Zi'Joy aka Babby Nugget wore a cute flutter sleeve onesie with green polka dots. I swear I'm loving her onsies better than mine. Baby girl has snaps on her onsie. So so cute.

Anywhay here is our complet look.

Have a great day. Until next time.


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Out and about...

Hey Family!

I have such a back log of pictures and reading to do. 3 in the morning seem a perfect time to post. Lol

Little Zi'Joy is growing by leaps and bounds. I'm finally coming to the end of my maternity leave. Although I had a difficult pregancy I'm having a wonderful maternity leave. We go to church and also to music, art reading play time at the local library 3 days a week. I've been able to meet a few other moms and day care providers.

This was 0ne of our recent looks for Library time. It has been in the 90s here for the past week. So the goal was to he as put together as possible yet wearing light weight clothing.

I've worn kelly green top and headwrap before for my neices graduation. It's such an airy top. I layered a pretty sheer poncho over it. Denim leggings and denim shoes completed my look. My earings are custom made.

Zi'Joy has the loveliest onsies and hats. She may have 2 wadrobe changes a day.

Picture 12 Baby is growing so fast. Let's see we also attended a local Fleek Market event. Our outfits were lovely. I'll have to recreate them soon. It was to hot to take to many pictures.

The heat would not let us be great.

Picture 10 Zi'Joy had her 2 months shots this week in the purple fit. Little one was a champ with those. Mommy cried more.

Picture 11 was at church this past sunday. I choose to wear baby in the baby wrap called a moby wrap. I love it and so does baby nugget.

13 is her 1st night sleeping throughout the night. I am so happy.

As ALWAYS I love feedback or just stoping in to say whats up.

Be well on your journey.


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